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Air Quality Projects

We have been working with UC Berkeley and Stanford University to help South City residents get the tools and technology they need to ensure their physical well-being. 



Dr. Cesunica Ivey is an assistant professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of California, Berkeley, and generously provided over 25 air quality sensors to Rise.

Xavier Gomez was born and raised in South SF and is a co-terminal student pursuing his Master's degree in Earth Systems at Stanford University. He took the lead on installing the first PurpleAir sensors of the initiative. His work was part of his capstone project for the Earth Systems undergrad program.

DSC01240 Large.jpeg
SensorMapfire 1.jpg
SensorMapfire 2.jpg

In addition to installing sensors, Xavier considered the largely Spanish-only-speaking population of the city, many of whom didn't go to school beyond elementary. He made it a point to create easy-to-understand maps in both English and Spanish.

Vulnerability Map

JieQi Yan, Graduate Student Researcher from UC Davis, created a vulnerability map containing sensitive receptor locations and high-risk areas of air pollution, incorporating data from sources such industry emissions, and on-road pollutants for the city of South San Francisco. The map aims to provide an initial glance of pollution intensity in spatial distribution.

headshot jieqi yan.png
South SF air quality.jpeg

JPG version

ArcGIS Map

ArcGIS version (interactive)

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