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Rise South City aims to create a new center of gravity in the climate movement by uniting frontline communities, allies, and organizations toward resilient, regenerative, and equitable neighborhoods.

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Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We aim to reduce total regional greenhouse gas emissions and pollution to increase equity by correcting racial, social inequities, and prioritizing communities with the most need.

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Climate Resilience Through Community

Many community groups and leaders are left out of regional collaboratives due to lack of resources and/or capacity. Rise South City empowers local community leaders and members to execute projects and make a lasting impact.

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Promotoras Program

Rise South City trains, supports, and coaches Promotoras to take ownership of their neighborhood. These passionate leaders are parents and trusted messengers in our community who care deeply about justice and equity.

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Our Commitment

Rise South City is focused on clean community energy, regional food systems, zero waste, efficient, affordable, and lasting housing, public transportation, and ecosystem restoration solutions. Shared leadership fosters community wellbeing and results in the most innovative solutions to our climate & social crisis. Frontline communities must be at the forefront of shaping new economies and a new climate adaptive society rooted in fairness, equity, and ecological values.

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