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Our Ongoing Goals


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We aim to reduce total regional greenhouse gas emissions and pollution to increase equity by correcting racial, social inequities, and prioritizing communities with the most need.


Climate Resilience Through Community

Many community groups and leaders are left out of regional collaboratives due to lack of resources and/or capacity. Rise South City empowers local community leaders and members to execute projects and make a lasting impact.


Promotoras Program

Rise South City trains, supports, and coaches Promotoras to take ownership of their neighborhood. These passionate leaders are parents and trusted messengers in our community who care deeply about justice and equity.

Current Projects 

Colma Creek

We are working on the restoration of the Colma Creek, alongside the city of South San Francisco, the San Bruno Mountain Watch, and the Hassel Group. The purpose of this project is to bring back the natural beauty of the creek, take out the invasive plants that are covering the land, and bring back native plants to attract the natural life at the creek. We want the creek to be a sanctuary for the residents of South San Francisco and surrounding areas.

Rise at an Earth Day 2023 cleanup event.

creek cleanup.jpeg

Air Monitoring

We are working with the University of Berkeley, in collaboration with Stanford University, in a project to survey local air quality. We are locating purple air monitors in neighborhoods that have been directly affected by pollutants from the surrounding freeways. The purpose of this project is to measure the quality of air in targeted areas to study pollutants affecting the air of the South San Francisco community.

We are running a survey covering topics like housing conditions, access to transit, access to food, and the experience that South San Francisco locals have with climate change. The goal of this study is to measure and analyze some of the biggest that our community faces, especially in regards to climate change. 

Living Conditions Survey

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